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The Veteran International Gold Coast coemnça to live the countdown of its tercvera Edition, which will be held in the Pavilion John Ballart in Valls (Alt Camp) from 19 to 21 April next month. The competition is made to coincide with the dates of Easter week responding to the desire to offer the participants a proposal that will allow them to combine sport with tourism and leisure options that the Gold Coast has to offer.

In little more than three months after its conclusion, the record of registration to the Open points to the participation of the three editions of the tournament, since almost fifty participants who have already formalised their participation outweigh by far the figures with the same advance of time, had previous editions held in Reus in 2017 and 2018 Salou.

By countries, in addition to Catalan and Spanish players and players, the tournament already has the registration of athletes from Russia, China, the United States, England, Germany, Sweden, Wales., and Andorra.

As is usual in this Open, the competition is divided into four age ranges: 40-49 years, 50-59 years, 60-69 years and 70 years on up. In each category will be held four types: men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles and women's doubles, while depending on the number of participants some categories may be regrouped they.

The tournament is open to players and players from the 40-year-old, without it being a prerequisite to be a regular practitioner of table tennis. Even so, the Federated and affiliated to the FCTT or RFETM can sign up at the price of €50, while for the non-federated and by participants from other countries the price is €100. For with the price is €25. The enrollment period will be open until Sunday March 31.

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