International tournament of veterans.

Table Tennis Costa Dorada 2020


1.1 Quickie is the legislation and the regulation of the INTERWAR for international competitions (latest edition).


2.1 Will be able to participate in the tournament all people over the age of 40 years or that are made during the year 2018.
2.2 Participants must present identity card or ’ card the Passport as a proof of the ’ age.


3.1 Categories:

40 – 49 Years
50 – 59 Years
60 – 69 years
and more than 70 years

3.2 Each category will have the following tests: men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles and women's doubles.
3.3. If a test register less than four players, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel this category, or to apply a reasonable alternative for all those affected.
3.4 Each player will be able to participate in a single event and one doubles. Each player must participate in its own category of age, except in doubles. If players of a couple do not belong to the same age group, will participate in the category of youngest player.
3.5 If one of the players of the double (in accordance with the draw) is not present at the time of play, a substitute may be accepted
3.6 A couple of doubles will not be changed if both players are present and able to play. However, in the event of injury, illness or absence of one player, will be able to accept the change.
3.7 All entries in singles and doubles will be published on the website of the Organization immediately after the deadline for registration. Players are responsible for verifying their respective registration.


4.1 A player who has not been registered with a couple of double must accept any partner assigned by the organizers.
4.2 A list of couples registered to play doubles – confirmed by both players – will be published online as soon as possible.


5.1 The Veteran international Costa Dorada is organized by the Catalan Federation of Table Tennis.
5.2 The tournament will take place from 20 to 22 April 2019.
5.3 The tournament will be held in the Pavilion Joana Ballart in Valls. On the opening day, the competition will begin at 09.00 local time.


6.1 The individual and doubles matches will be played in the best of five games (3 games won)
6.2 The first stage will be played in groups of 3 or 4 players/pairs. Those placed first and second in each group will classify for the final round. The other players/pairs, if they wish, may participate in the consolation events – only if this option is marked in the results group sheet just, after playing in his group.
6.3 In the case of less than 8 players or parellees registered in a category of age the organization may decide to play the test in a single group. The exact system will be published before the start of the competition.
6.4 If there are two or more players in a group of the same Association, it is essential that the matches between them are the first to be played.
6.5 The final phase of all the evidence and of the consolacions will be played according to the system of single-elimination ’.


7.1 The draw for the qualifying phase will take place approximately 7 days before the start of the Championship.
7.2 The draws of the final stages of the competitions will take place immediately after the completion of the classification of each category of ’ age.


8.1 The Organizer will provide refs only for the final stages of the competition or the consolacions.
8.2 In the group stage, the members of each group should be available as umpires.
8.3 In the trials of consolation, the loser of the match is the referee in the game next to the table where he has played.


9.1 Use material approved by the ITTF (tables, nets and balls).
9.2 The surface coating of the sides of the wood, or from one side if this is left without cover, it will be Matt, live red on one side and black on the other.
9.3 The rubbers that cover the bat must be approved by the ITTF.


10.1 The size of the playing area shall be a minimum of 10 m x 5 m.


11.1 Players are responsible for their physical aptitude and mental capacity to compete in the Tournament.
11.2 A routine medical chek-up is recommended a few days before the competition.
11.3 Players must have their own health and accident insurance cover
11.4 The players accept the anti-doping rules of the INTERWAR (according to the Manual of the INTERWAR) as a condition for participation. It is recommended that, in the event that a player take a specific medication for health reasons, this player has a written confirmation from your doctor.
11.5 Each player is required to compete in the assigned table in the program of the competition.
The player is responsible to keep abreast of the times and of the table play. Any player who will not be present at the scheduled time automatically lose the match, after a waiting period of 5 minutes.
11.6 All players must sign the result of their match in the corresponding minutes, before leaving the table.
11.7 It is obligatory to wear the number that organizationwill provide the players.


12.1 Each player has the right of 5 minutes rest, between two matches, at the discretion of the umpires or responsible for table.


13.1 The appeals will be resolved by a panel of three members appointed before the start of the competicó. The referee or his deputy shall have the right to voice, but without vote. Protests can be filed against the decision of the arbitrator and must be submitted in writing to the Organising Committee immediately after the end of the match.
No member of the jury will be able to participate in the tournament.

14. CEREMONIES/prizes

14.1 The four best players or pairs of each category of the World Championships will receive the corresponding medals.
14.2 The winners and runner-up champions of the consolation competition will receive a souvenir, which will be delivered to the table immediately after the final match.
14.3 All participants will receive a certificate of participation.